BF: Tamaki
Lover:  Haruhi
Crush:  Honey (aw)
Block: Kyoya
Kiss:  Kaoru

something is wrong with me. I got Takashi for all of them….Lemme try again…fuuu still getting him for everything! ;^; but I want the twins and Kyoya! 

BF: Hikaru 

Lover: Hikaru 

Crush: Hikaru 

Block: Karou 

Kiss: Hikaru 

Marry: Hikaru 

I’m not even jOKING 

I’m sorry Karou I love you to but it seems Hikaru wants me all to himself

Bf: Haruhi 


crush: Tamakiiiii~

Block: Haruhi .-.

Kiss: Kaoru 

Marry: Hikaruuuuu :’D

BF: Kaoru

Lover: Hikaru

Crush: Kaoru (…Awkward.)

Block: Haruhi

Kiss: Kyouya

Marry: Kaoru (Oh okay this worked out all right ahaaa.)

BF: Tamaki YES

Lover: Kyouya

Crush: Haruhi aww

Block: Kaoru

Kiss: Haruhi :O

Marry: …Takashi. It was all going so well until I randomly married him!

yay I love these things :D

Best friend: Hikaru

Lover: Honey…..-gag-

Crush: Kaoru

Block: tamaki LOL he would with his weird antics.

Kiss: Honey…again, gagggg

Marry: Hikaru

I guess ok. :P the death note one was still more funny XD

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